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PNG NumberApril 14th at 4:03 PM
The flag for PNG Number has been updated. Please resubmit if your previous flag did not work.
New ProblemsApril 13th at 6:08 PM
  • bomb_squad added.
  • kobayashi_maru added.
Various Problem ChangesApril 13th at 12:03 AM
  • Check 'Em now has a grading server.
  • Can Nerds Fly now has a grading server.
  • Unbrewed 2: Electric Boogaloo added.
  • Corruption hint and point value updated.
  • President added.
  • JPEG Number changed to PNG Number, and the description, file, and point value changed.
Pesky Permutations & SchenstedApril 10th at 3:13 PM
The issue with Pesky Permutations has been resolved; the flag was incorrect due to a minor bug. You should not have to run your file again, just submit your original answer.

The issue with Schensted has been resolved. Teams who have previously solved the problem do not need to re-enter their flags.
Pesky Permutations and SchenstedApril 9th at 3:57 PM
Pesky Permutations has a slight issue and will be fixed by 1:00PM EDT 4/10/2016.

Schensted has some discrepancies in solutions, and we are working with scripts from those correct and those incorrect to see if there is any issue with the problems or if something is being assumed or read incorrectly. It should be up around the same time.
Obfus(cat)ionApril 9th at 2:47 PM
A couple of changes were made to the problem:
  • There are more restrictions since it's been updated.
  • Multiple solutions may work, but only one of them makes sense as a flag.
Kiwi IRC UpdateApril 9th at 2:02 PM
The Kiwi IRC web client is now fixed.

The chat page is working normally.
What's That Type? - UpdateApril 8th at 11:32 PM
A small correction was made to the problem 'What's That Type?'. The original program was ambiguous. This ambiguity has been resolved in the updated version.
Kiwi IRC Web Client IssuesApril 8th at 10:14 PM
The Kiwi IRC Web Client is having issues with our server. Please connect with an IRC client on your own computer, such as HexChat.

This means that the current web client featured on the chat page will not work. So once again, please connect directly from your own client.

See the chat page or the first update below for instructions on connecting to the server.
WE ARE LIVE!April 8th at 8:05 PM



Platform Updates for 2016 Q1March 28th at 10:03 PM
  • Passwords are now encrypted using bcrypt with 16 cost encryption, resulting in 2^16 (65536) rounds of encryption. This is currently one of, if not the most secure method of password encryption. With this amount of encryption, logging in may take a couple of seconds for the server to compute; trust me, it's worth the wait.
  • All flags are hashed when stored in the database as well as any repositories we have problems in. This means that the only people who have the original flags are those who created the problems.
  • Accounts may have two factor authentication via TOTP using apps such as Authy or Google Authenticator. We highly recommend setting this up.
  • The scoreboard now features graphs for point progression. A real-time graph is in the works and may be released for the funsies during the competition.
  • Team places are now put in the header so that you don't have to check the scoreboard to find your place.
  • Problem authors are now shown for each problem, which gives you an idea of who to be mad at. :)
  • A music stream will be running during the competition at music.sctf.io and will have two separate streams run by me and ztaylor54. Feel free to hop in on those for some tunes!
  • Our official IRC has been moved to pdgn.co, which is a network run by Aaron Weiss, otherwise known as awe. Our channel is #sctf and will remain on this wonderful network.
    • You can connect to the network via irc.pdgn.co. It's important to note that the network is only accessible over SSL, and uses the standard SSL port 6697.